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Mikki, meaning pickup in Finnish, tells you that our business is guitars! Our main products are high quality guitar pickups, leather guitar straps and guitar repairs and recoiling. We’ve been working with musicians for over 20 years.

We are here to help you find your best sound and look no matter whether you are a professional guitarist, or just playing for your own pleasure. We ensure your satisfaction by giving you the best products possible. We’ve got a great track record in helping players find new dimensions in what they do best!


Telecasterin mikit on hyvin kirkkaat, mutta silti pehmeäsoundiset. Soundi on hyvin avoin Ja raikas. Mikit kestää paljon säröä menemättä tukkoon. Tallamikissä erinomainen twang. Riittävästi midleä, eikä liika trebleä. Kaulamikki ei ole tukkoinen, mikä on yleinen ongelma telessä. Kuitenkin käyttämällä tonepotikkaa löytyy kaulamikistä myöskin hyvä, pehmeä jazz-soundi. Mikit on olleet mulla telessä jo kymmenen vuotta, enkä näe mitään syytä vaihtaa. Erinomaiset mikit, joitten soundi herättää aina positiivista huomiota. Mun youtube-kanavalla on demoja.

Into Koponen

Ramin custom -työnä tekemä Charlie Christian -tyyppinen mikki on täydellinen 12-kieliseen bassoon

Pekka Ranta

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Mikki House guitar strap

Guitar pickups

Unique guitar pickups, rewiring, maintenance, repairs and enhancements.

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Rami Hakala
phone. 0400 611483

Ramis story began in the seventies when he started chiseling his first guitar body in the garage. As years went by, playing in several bands and teaching guitar building for 15 years, his interest turned toward pickups which he’s been making for 20 years.


Hand crafted guitar and bass straps, drum stick cases and other guitarist gear using leather as major material. Custom models to purchase or have commissioned to your specific requirements and tastes using your chosen material and style.

Kata mostly uses vegetable-tanned leather, recycled materials and natural colours when possible.


Kata found leather in the nineties and has been using it as her primary material in her work as an artisan. She of course became inspired by her beloved guitarist and began making straps. She has travelled around the world researching different techniques and always brings home special leather and new ways to treat them.


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Mikki House
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Rami Hakala

phone: 0400 611483
-custom pickups, guitar repairs and adjustments

Kata Larisuo

puh. 0400 965706
– straps
– other workshop products

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