Order a unique strap from Mikki House for yourself

Over a hundred musicians are using a durable, personalized, unique and confortable strap from Mikki House! Isn’t it time to order one just for you?

A custom strap is an important part of your instrument that has an impact on your audience as well as yourself. Read more about the straps and the making process below.

Its been a great pleasure to use these guitar straps over my last years tour. I appreciate things that are made with passion and Mikki House is a good example of this as well as fine craftsmanship. 

All my instruments are hand crafted, high quality guitars, and Im happy that now I have straps that meet the same standards.

-Petteri Sariola

My wish was to get a strap that has the feel and look of old Viking times with runes and things that I associate with the mystic feel of ancient warriors.

The outcome was stunningly like I had in mind. Just like a band that builds a good piece of music with simple words and a melody.

-Jaakko Saarenketo


Leather, that the straps are made of, is the most durable and ecological material there is. The straps that are made from it don’t brake, stretch or crumble in long term use. Leather decomposes itself if it’s buried into the ground, but will improve when taken care of and used, even for hundreds of years.

Just a simple rubbing of some leather product once in a while is sufficient.


We have concluded that the optimum with of a strap is 6,5 – 7,5 cm. This guarantees that the strap will not rub your neck while playing. Still, it’s wide enough to carry the instruments weight without drilling in to your shoulder.

The strap edges have been buffed with bees wax twice for smoothness.

All the straps are made to your measurements so each one is the length you personally need, with adjust ability.


Each strap is made with piety and you can see that they are hand made to the last stitch.

Pictures of some of my recent work from the gallery. You can check out more in Facebook and Instagram.

Yes! I want to order my strap!

How do I order and whats the cost?

The prices begin from 250€ incl. VAT. It all depends on the amount of work that needs to be done on your unique strap. It takes around two weeks to make also depending on the amount of previous commissions. So, make sure you leave enough time before that special date!

We usually start of with a little chat to get you and I off on the same page and envision the details and the outcome. The commission consists of contacts, design with sketches, the strap itself and a life long guarantee for it!

We at Mikki House have been working with musicians over the last two decades so it’s more of a lifestyle for us. You can contact us through our pages, the phone, email or telepathy! After that will figure your needs, the price, the schedule and then we begin the project. 

I’ll be asking a pic of your instrument and everything that might help me along. For example, stories, mood pictures, fonts etc.

We have a philosophy, that our customers are left 100% satisfied with the out come, be it a pickup, a guitar fix or a strap!

What should I need to know before getting in touch?

Maybe you don’t have a clue where to begin and thats ok! I work a lot with my intuition and have a lot of experience on figuring out what my customers want. My specialty is picking up on details and reading between the lines.

If you’ve already got a visual idea or a picture, great. If not, we’ll get to that too! That’s why I’m here!

  • Is the strap for a bass or an acoustic?
  • What’s the length of the strap you are using now from the back hole to the front one. How much adjustment might you need? The width?
  • Do you use strap locks?
  • Your style as a player. For instance, country, rock, heavy, blues etc.
  • Is there a personal event, memory, story you want to tell? Maybe your band logo, your cosmic creature?  
  • Go take a picture of your instrument that shows the body, neck and headstock.
  • At this point it’s good to know that you can incorporate a slide bar tuck or a wireless holster for the strap too.
  • Do you prefer a rough suede or a smooth leather against your shoulder?

Send me your contact info and lets get to work!

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