Hiisi & Hippe

Hinta: Hippe 70€ Hiisi 90€

We’ve gotten some fantastic 3 mm leather that totally works as a one level strap! The narrow Hippe is 5 cm wide and the lengt is at your command!

Hiisi 7,5cm , the wider strap bends to your shoulder for comfort. They are the ultimate classic black straps with nothing extra.


Some insight of the name from Wikipedia:

Finnish oral folklore concerning HIISI mostly describes the creatures that dwelled in the hiisi-sites – typically trolls or giants – many of the stories described how the place (such as odd rock formations) were created by the actions of these mythological creatures. And his daughter HIPPE was in charge of making theives return their stolen goods to their righteous owners.

Whoever looks with envious glance, keeps turning round with jealous eye, causes bewitchment with his mouth, or imprecates with ’words,’ may the slag of Hiisi fill his eyes, the soot of Hiisi soil his face, may a fiery bung plug up his mouth, may Lempo’s lock clinch fast his jaws, may his mouth get overgrown with moss, the root of his tongue be broken off, may one of his eyes like honey run, like butter may the other flow into the raging fire, into Hiisi’s bin of coals, may his head dry into stone and skin grow on the top.

(apercromby p. 71)



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